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The Process

We are an alternative to Cable TV providers - We are proud to help homeowners and renters access Television via Antenna and Internet without Verizon, Time Warner, Dish Network, Satellite Cable, Charter, AT&T, FIOS,  Direct TV,  Comcast, Direct TV, U-Verse, Cox cable and more...,

There are 2 ways to receive the content that is being sold to you by the cable or satellite company - you can get it for FREE

First :
The OTA or over the air method.
This is an antenna typically mounted outside replacing the satellite dish,the advent of digital broadcasting has increased the range that the TV stations can broadcast  and therefore the OTA  delivery has become a more attractive option.
This will typically get local channels and the big 4 broadcasting companies ABC,NBC,FOX and CBS
Check your signal strength here

Second :
The IPTV method.
This is the latest technology available. (you will need high speed internet)
All TV and movie delivery is available over the internet in live streaming or video formats.We supply the knowledge to connect you via a converter box to this unbelievable new experience
This will bring new channels to your TV viewing experience along with the favorite premium  packages like HBO and SHOWTIME.
Not only will you have this new TV channel delivery system independent of the cable company,but you will have gaming and internet extras like Netflix ,Hulu and Facbook
Test your internet speed here

A combination of both of these methods will provide you with limitless entertainment and a huge cost savings

Q  - Is It Legal to get TV channels without paying?

A  - Yes it is 100% Legal and available nationwide from many leading TV companies.

Q  -  Does antenna TV (OTA)  provide the same services and channels as cable TV?

A  -  Not quite, you will not receive all the channels that are found on cable for example you will not receive ESPN, HBO or other specialty channels. what you will receive is tons of great TV channels for free, thats right - No Cable TV Bill Ever Again! Combine the OTA method with our IPTV (internet) for all the viewing you will ever need

Q  - Does your service provide a DVR? 

A  -  First we are not a service provider, we install equipment that allows you to receive quality TV channels and programs via antenna and internet. And yes we offer a DVR upgrade.( although you will have so much TV to watch)

Q - What channels should I expect to receive?
A - We
deliver free over-the-air programming to your television. While the channels in your area may vary, there are more channels being broadcast for free than ever before! In most areas you can receive your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS channels as well as new "digital subchannels" that broadcast 24 hour news, weather, kids programming, and your favorite syndicated shows. This includes 90% of the most watched television shows including programs such as NBC Sunday Night Football, NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, 60 Minutes and more.*

Q  -  Can I install my own antenna and converter box?

A  -  Yes you can, but there is alot to know and understand to implement quality service with maximum channel selection. You can spend from $125 for a low end setup to $2200 for a super premium setup when trying to do it yourself. Believe us its better to just let us come in and get you working properly at a greatly reduced price and we train you on the equipment .